Owing to the constant human suffering perpetuated by civil war in Afghanistan, it was decided to create a non governmental organization, New Consultancy and Relief Organization, NCRO, to serve all needy and perturbed strata of the Afghan community, particularly Afghan returnees from neighbouring countries or internally displaced persons IDPs due to natural disaster or internal conflict in Afghanistan. NCRO is a fully voluntary organization; provide services to the aforementioned categories of people irrespective of gender, race, language or geographical location. NCRO assistance is always free and within the rules and regulations of the country. It never seeks compensation or reimbursement from its beneficiaries.

Mission Statement

The New Consultancy and Relief Organization is a non-governmental humanitarian organization which assists in the alleviation of human sufferings; these include inter alia; safe and smooth integration of returnees and or internally displaced people into local communities; provide awareness raising on health related issues, recovery of basic infrastructures for irrigation water supply, implementation of tertiary road, implementation of income generation projects to serve the most vulnerable returnee women such as widows disables and poor families in their own town/ village. The objective of supporting returnees and IDP families is to assist those categories of people to become independent and productive members of society.

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